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Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan
(Peoples' Forum for Contextual Theologies)

Socio-Religious Concerns Of Minority Women In Pakistan

Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan (MAP) conducted a seminar under the platform of Women Theological Forum (WTF). The WTF seminar was conducted on 16 March, 2019 at Theological Institute for Laity (TIL), G. T. Road, Sadhoke. The topic of the seminar was “Socio-Religious Concerns of Minority Women in Pakistan”. 97 women participated from different places of Punjab: Lahore, Francisabad-Gujranwala, Jurian-Hafizabad, QilaDidar Singh, Saleem Colony-Gujranwala, Ghazi Menara-Shiekhupura, Harpoke and from Father SataniSelas Town, Christian Colony, Sadhoke.

The seminar started with prayer led by Mrs. Kishwar Sajid and reading from the Holy Bible by Ms. Sana Akram (group member-Jurian). Mrs. Alishbah Javed (Director-MAP) welcomed the participants and speaker. Ms. Ayra Inderyas (Speaker) was garlanded during the welcoming part of the session.

In the end the cake of women’s day was cut. 45 women including MAP staff from the Father Satani Selas Town, Christian Colony, Sadhoke and Sadhoke group members attended the program.

Ms. Ayra Inderyas (Incharge-Women Desk Church of Pakistan) the speaker of the seminar said such training programs are conducted for the formation of women in different theological perspectives, to realize and know their importance in the society. Women are integral part of society, their formation, to strengthen them and uplift them in the current time is needful. Because of the male dominated society women face more hardships and problems in their life.

Minority women are facing religious discrimination in the society in every sphere of life. But being minority should not be our weakness, we should work hard, find opportunities and show their talent and abilities and make their position in patriarchal society. While sharing about the societal problems the speaker said we should strengthen our women so they could be able to know their socio-religious concerns.

The participants shared their view openly. Mrs. Alishbah Javed Akhtar (Director-MAP) shared her views after the talk of speaker. She said that the women of current time should raise their voices and take stand to get the social rights (right of vote, Education right, decision making right, marriage right). We should continue this struggle so our coming generation can take advantage of these struggling movements for the betterment of women. We should focus on our child girl education. Hence for a sound and strong society, the formation of women is inevitable. Women condition in different provinces are different. We should think those women, who are still living and facing problems in the patriarchal society and are deprived of their rights and are being exploited.

Plants and women are assembled of life. Participants of program planted new plants at TIL premises. Mrs. Alishbah Javed Akhtar (Director-MAP) paid a vote of thanks to all participants, coordinators, speaker and all well-wishers to make this program successful. The International women’s Day cake was also cut.