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Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan
(Peoples' Forum for Contextual Theologies)

Mother Mary-Mother of Divinity – International Mother’s Day Celebration

Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan (MAP) conducted a one-day theological session. The theological session was conducted to celebrate the International Mother’s Day on 11 May 2019 at Theological Institute for Laity (TIL), Sadhoke. The theme of the seminar was “Mother Mary: Mother of Divinity”. The program commenced with the prayer of Rosary, after the reading of sacred scripture and prayer the program was commenced. Tribute was paid to all old mothers presented and were garlanded by Mrs. Alishbah Javed Akhtar (Director-MAP). She presented historical background of Mother’s Day. She said, Ms. Ann, belonged to Virginia USA, struggled for women to be recognized and appreciated for their services. In order to pay tribute to her struggle, one day was chosen to be celebrated for mothers so as to appreciate them for their efforts, sacrifices for family and children. This is also a special day to realize and arouse the importance of women in society and family.

While talking about the topic “Mother Mary: Mother of Divinity”, she added that every mother was the source of divinity. If we reflect on the life of Mother Mary we would find that she remained faithful with her God. There are many pilgrimages in the world of Mother Mary. At some places Mother Mary is seen shedding tears of blood. It shows that she is worried about her children/humanity. Mother Mary is the center point between God and human. She endorses to God for our prayers and requests. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Asi says “That house, that place will full of divinity where we recite prayers of Hail Mary”. She added Pope Francis says “Mother Mary is the mother of God she is mother of blessedness/exultant”. Every person in their life have different experience of divinity of Mother Mary.

In the end all mothers appreciated this kind of seminars, which give us chance to learn about the importance of different characters in family and society. All participants prayed for all mothers in the world and cut the cake. Total 55 women participated in the seminar from Harpoke and Father SataniSelas Town Christian Town, Sadhoke.