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Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan
(Peoples' Forum for Contextual Theologies)


One Year Social Service, Germany

Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan (MAP) provides opportunities to youth for overseas exposure. Ms. Sunita Hameed (MAP-Staff member) went for one year Social Service in Germany.

FABC: Bible & Evangelization, Thailand

FABC Office of Evangelization organized an Asian Assembly on Bible & Evangelization from May 13-17, 2019 at Camillian Centre, Kat Krabang, Thailand. Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Asi (Chairperson –MAP) and Mrs. AlisbhahJaved Akhtar (Director-MAP) were invited to participate in the Asian Assembly organized by FABC OE/BD from Pakistan.

The following topics were shared during the program:

1. Genesis 15: Inspiration for the New Evangelization (Re-Evangelization) Archbishop John Ha-Malaysia

2. John 17: Vis-à-vis Mathew 28:16-20: Inspiration for Mission ad Gentes- Archbishop Emeritus John Ha-Malaysia

3. What is the Biblical Apostolate in the Church? Rev. Dr. Broderick Pabilio

4. Working Together for Word. Bible Societies in Asia and The Catholic Church – John Bergin

5. Working Together in the Catholic Biblical Federation Dr. NatividadPagadut

The purpose of this FABC assembly was to raise new suggestions and planning for Biblical Apostolate in the country and in the region of Asia as well as to envision the new paths of service with the people of God. What challenges the Asian Churches are facing and how these are affecting our service in Asia. Total 23 clergy members and lay people attended this Asian Assembly.

Catholic Biblical Study Tour, Jordan

In CBS Tour, Jordan Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Asi (Chairperson-MAP) and Mrs. Alishbah Javed Akhtar (Directress-MAP) went on 5-12 July 2019. The CBS Tours provides the opportunities to enrich the faith by seeing the sacred places which are mentioned in the bible.

During the month of July and August 2019 Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Asi (Chairperson-MAP) visited the offices of MISSIO, Church in Need, Archdiocese of Koln, Trier and Stuttgard Rottenburg to update and follow-up the projects of MAP.

Moving School in Thailand 2019
Nominee from Maktaba-e-Anaveem Pakistan (MAP) Ms. Salome Mehnga (Group member-Christian Town group Karachi) attended a ten days training workshop Asian Youth Academy (AYA/ATF) 2019 seminar on “Wisdom of Religious/Cultural Traditions in Asia Responding to Integral Ecology, Climate Change, and Genuine Human Development” from 1 to 11 August 2019. The seminar was conducted at Communal Life of Love and Unity of the Mountain People (CLUMP) Chiang Mai, Thailand.